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Railway Container Lift and Delivery


Established in 2000, Caribou Interior Crane Services Ltd. has served Williams Lake, the Cariboo-Chilcotin and surrounding areas with heavy duty crane services for residential, commercial, industrial, forestry and mining clients. We also offer log or timber frame setups for our clients. At Caribou Interior Crane Services Ltd., we have the right equipment, experience and technical skills to address the specific needs of our customers.


We have a fleet of heavy-duty equipment that can be used for all kinds of construction projects. Our cranes and tractor-trailers can lift heavy construction materials and our crew will ensure timely on-site delivery. Our trained and experienced personnel take care and caution to ensure the materials are handled and delivered safely to your job site. Give us a call to discuss your requirements with our experts.

Here’s the list of lifting equipment we have available in Williams Lake:


Grove 9000E 110-ton Hydraulic Truck Crane
Grove AT85 - 85 ton
Link-Belt HTC 1060 - 60 ton
One Kenworth knuckle boom with 1500 XP Fassi

Three Kenworths with Tri-Drive Knuckle Boom Winch Tractors

Kenworth 17-ton stiff boom deck truck complete with 28' quad trailer

8-ton Carry Deck
Two 48' Tandem Highboy
One 40' Tandem Highboy
One 53' - 67' Tridem Trombone step deck with live rolls
One 48’ Tandem Hyd-Tail equipment trailer
53’ Tridem step deck
Boom Lengths up to 235’
the Moose working on an Industrial site.jpg



Cranes are hired to lift heavy steel or concrete blocks and other materials on construction sites. They are commonly required for the following industrial applications:


Residential and commercial construction sites

A crane is required to lift and move heavy equipment and materials, remove trees, aid concrete pouring, and help prepare the site. On-site cranes help complete these projects quickly and efficiently. They can transfer large electrical or HVAC equipment to the roof or higher floors.



Companies use cranes to build signal towers and repair and maintain towers. A heavy-duty crane can help to lay the concrete foundation, erect the tower, install the antenna system on top and complete the entire task efficiently.


HVAC and other heavy appliances and equipment

HVAC units and furnaces can weigh thousands of pounds, and most of these units need to be placed on the roofs of homes or businesses. Contractors usually rent a crane to move these units, septic tanks, water heaters, and other industrial-grade equipment into place.


Shipping and Storage

Cranes are crucial to moving heavy and bulky shipping crates and storage containers.


Our crane rental services include trained and experienced operators who will ensure your job is completed safely. Call Caribou Interior Crane Services to your construction site in Williams Lake now!



Over the years, we have had the opportunity to help several clients go about their construction and home improvement projects safely and efficiently. We can handle various projects ranging from commercial, residential and industrial jobs. Here are some benefits of our heavy duty crane services:


We can provide efficient delivery and setup for trusses, timber frames and log home packages.

Caribou Interior Crane Services Ltd. handles all your requirements, from propane tank delivery to truss delivery.

We can help you with all kinds of construction projects, from steel pipe to concrete blocks.

We provide reliable equipment and trained personnel to help you with all kinds of steel building projects and complex constructions.

With our experience in hauling construction materials, we can also deliver materials for road maintenance and mining projects.
cranes picking up heavy objects


We are committed to delivering quality customer service at Caribou Interior Crane Services. Our staff can help you determine the equipment and personnel needed for your project and ensure its safe completion. We also provide 24/7 emergency services. You can rely on our team to assist promptly whenever you need heavy duty cranes and other equipment in Williams Lake.



Contact us today to rent our lifting equipment in Williams Lake for your commercial, industrial or residential project.

8-ton carry deck

             8-ton Carry Deck


Grove AT85 - 85 ton


Kenworth knuckle boom winch tractor with 500 effer's

110 ton Grove lifting HVAC units on Cariboo Memorial complex

110-ton Grove lifting HVAC units on Cariboo Memorial Complex

110 ton grove

110 Ton Grove

link belt

Kenworth Knuckle Boom

with 1500 XP Fassi

Our most recent piece of equipment is ready for the road for emergency services:



If you’re looking for heavy duty crane delivery in Williams Lake, Caribou Interior Crane Services Ltd. can provide you with efficient services at the right price.

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